Ellen Breslau of Grandparents.com & John Heisler of Notre Dame are Our Special Guests

Some people are just “with-it”…I mean REALLY “with-it”.  Ellen gets grandparents, grandparenting and the issues important to we seniors…both active and not so active.  Additionally, she is an outstanding guest from a media savvy perspective…she always comes armed with the GOOD STUFF we need to know.  If you want to learn more about Ellen, visit:  www.grandparents.com .  Take a look at the site, the content and member benefits…they are substantive and substantial.

Also joining us on the show (yes…Gary & Terry were almost beside themselves with excitement) is Senior Assoc. Notre Dame Athletic Director, John Heisler (visit: http://www.und.com/genrel/heisler_john00.html ).  They talk graduation rates, academics, the vision and mission of the university…and, of course they talk some football.  John’s background includes authoring several books about the university and he is a well-versed media professional as well.  What an honor!


To hear the show, download the links below:

Segment #1   http://bit.ly/1OJbX8O    Ellen

Segment #2   http://bit.ly/1OJc2cH     Ellen

Segment #3   http://bit.ly/1OJc0l6    John Heisler 

Segment #4    http://bit.ly/1OJc58k  John Heisler

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