National Aging In Place Council – Charleston SC…and Why We LOVE Indianapolis

Thank the Good Lord we are living longer.  But here’s the thing, most of us would like to spend our retirement years on our own terms, in our own home.  Today we talk with Paul Franklin of the Charleston, South Carolina chapter of the NAIPC and learn how NAIPC benefits their community.  What a great guest!  Our hosts, health guru Gary Baute and aging in place expert, Terry Donovan, go in depth with Paul about planning ahead so we can safely age in place and the importance to have resources available to us that enable us to achieve that independent living goal. For more visit: .

Indianapolis is right in the heart of the Midwest.  It has become a destination for people of all ages and all walks of life.  Boomers are no exception.  Christine Zetzl of spends some time with us to inform us about the new enterprises and the old standbys that keep us all going back to this thriving metropolis!

To listen to the show, simply download the links below:

Seg#1  NAIPC

Seg#2   NAIPC

Seg#3  Visit Indy

Seg#4  Visit Indy

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