Special Guest – Bob Zangas of Anchor Healthcare

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Everyone is living longer and, WOW, that’s a wonderful thing!  But…we seniors and our children need to become more adept at planning ahead…for aging in place, downsizing and healthcare in the home.  Mr. Zangas walks us through the information we all need to plan better, live smarter and be proactive about our futures.  Education is the foundation of Anchor Health Care.  Their mission is to give seniors the option to age-in-place if they so choose.  Assistance with activities of daily living are addressed as are simple, daily living activities like meals and even light housework.

We seniors have earned the right to provide ourselves with lifestyle choices that best fit our physical, emotional and health needs as we age.  Anchor Health Care proactively enables us to address that need.  Thanks for being on the show, Bob!

Anchor Health Care, Bob Zangas, Director – 314-843-6616   http://www.anchorhealthcarestl.com


SeptLiveSpecial Guest – Bob Zangas of Anchor Healthcare

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