Hidden Nazi Gas Chambers to Become New Tourist Destination?

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Among the items discovered was a wedding ring, bearing the inscription: “Behold, you are consecrated unto me,” in Hebrew.

Nazi forces tried to erase all traces of the camp’s existence. An asphalt road was laid over the top of the site after SS leader Heinrich Himmler ordered its destruction.

Archeologists have now unearthed these hidden Nazi gas chambers at the site of the Sobibor Nazi concentration camp in eastern Poland. An estimated 250,000 people were killed at the camp.

The research project at Sobibor is being carried out in coordination with the Yad Vashem institute, the German-Polish Foundation, and the Majdanek State Museum, near the Polish city of Lublin.


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SeptLiveHidden Nazi Gas Chambers to Become New Tourist Destination?

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