Casey Kasem Passes Away

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Casey Kasem dead: Radio and TV legend dies at age of 82

Fans of Casey Kasem are sad this morning to hear the news that the television and radio personality has passed away. On Sunday, Entertainment Weekly shared the news that he passed away on Father’s Day after a long battle.

Casey was best know for his voice and you could never miss it if you heard him. He had the America’s Top 40 radio show for almost 20 years. He also did voices for characters on several shows including “Scooby Doo.” He played the role of Shaggy.

As hundreds of thousands across the world take a moment to remember the voice they grew up listening to, they’ll no doubt also remember his sign-off message: “Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for the stars.”

SeptLiveCasey Kasem Passes Away

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